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Path: /quake2/levels/a-c/
Filename: cr8redge.zip
Txtname: cr8redge.txt 
Size: 1223 kb
Downloads: 6043


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  Rating: 3 out of 5


This level had a lot of highs and lows to it. It had a very nice and well thought up level design, as well as a nice set of monsters, but I don't believe that there were enough resources as far as weapons go. Just about to only weapons used in this level, were a blaster, shotgun, super shotgun, and machine gun. Those weapons were hard to use against most of the monsters in this level. Another low that I found was that toward the beginning of this level it kind of reminded you of some of the mine levels and then toward the end it reminded you of the waste levels.

The author could have come up with something with a little more originality, but I guess overall I would have to give this level a 3 out of 5 because of the layout of the level and the selection of monsters, and also because it was a well thought out level for a single player.

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