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Path: /quake2/levels/a-c/
Filename: bshrine.zip
Txtname: bshrine.txt 
Size: 3998 kb
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  Rating: 4.5 out of 5


"We've begun picking up strange transmissions from deep space..." That's how it starts, easily an addition to the original Quake II story. It is a semi-sequel following the map-creators' own storyline. (previous map is "Abandon all Hope") The goal is to destroy a generator of a secret neuro-weapon, developed by the Strogg.

When you start the map, you enter this Bloodshrine (a Strogg temple) in a small room near the main hall. (That hall is a piece of art on itself) Just as you have picked up a machinegun you are face to face with the rudest enemies known. When I first started this level, I was killed instantly. The main hall itself wasn't so hard, but the rest... First figuring out which buttons to push, and where they are located, second... you find yourself covered in blood... But I only opened this door!?

Anyways, the map isn't that big.. but it is detailed, tough smoothly playable. The monsters used in this map are tough and too many. It's really hard to finish those guys with a handfull granades. You will find a rocket launcher, wich you definitly need and even a bfg. This level has it all: secret areas, single player, deathmatch, difficulty settings, new textures and new sounds! Lighting has been done excellent, and it has great architecture.

It's an extremely cool map, I recommend to read the textfile, it shows that the guy who did the map isn't only a very good editor. He's also a creative storyteller. The only reason why I rate it 4.5 is that I find it a bit small..

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