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Path: /quake2/levels/g-i/
Filename: incarc.zip
Txtname: incarc.txt 
Size: 1000 kb
Downloads: 6131


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  Rating: 4 out of 5


Now this is a good single player level for Quake2, complete with a believable story-line and good overall level design. Incarceration comes complete with intelligent architecture, good use of lighting and texture, and a balanced layout of powerups versus the Strogg opposition. All these features combine to make an enjoyable level to play through, with plenty of victims for the muzzle of your shotgun.

My only problems reside in the lack of proper guidance through the level to attain the major goal(s). I found myself wandering for a few minutes after I ran into a dead-in trying to find a hidden grate that was in no way apparent without careful scrutiny. I hope the author didn't intend this kind of play, because it becomes very annoying, frustrating, and not much fun. Even with these minor annoyances Incarceration is still a very worthwhile experience for any avid Quaker.

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