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Path: /quake2/levels/d-f/
Filename: deathis.zip
Txtname: deathis.txt 
Size: 451 kb
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  Rating: 4 out of 5


Death is Not Worth Trying, by YooShin Yang is a crazy single-player level that is challenging and exciting. The goals are straight-forward, ie. - go here, do this, except that there happens to be some heavy opposition in the way. Prepare yourself for some real thinking because this level removes all possibility of frontal attacks.

The weapons are pretty scarce in the beginning, slowly building up after the initial goal is achieved (actually failed, but whatever), keeping you on your toes as you are forced to dodge around corners to stay alive. The difficulty level of this level is extremely high with monsters plenty, and just when you think you've got it made easy YooShin sends another beasty at you. This level is excellent for improving your melee combat skills, unless you want to spend alot of time dying.

The architecture, textures, and lighting are all fairly standard, nothing really exciting, but that isn't what this level is about. I recommend this to any veteran player who might be slacking after a little too much deathmatch. Eek! This level is freaking hard! :-)

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