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Path: /quake2/levels/m-o/
Filename: martim12.zip
Txtname: martim12.txt 
Size: 462 kb
Downloads: 5628


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  Rating: 3 out of 5


Raw Sewage by the MarTim Team is a decent single-player Quake2 level, although it is somewhat short. The basic premise is to work your way to a control room and hit a switch to eventually drain the sewer and make your way to the ship waiting to take you away, all the while facing various foes. The play starts out fairly quickly, facing you with a few ambushes while slowly giving a few weapons and armor to eventually conquer and destroy as any good Marine would expect.

The overall architecture is fairly good as well as the textures, following along (for the most part) the basic Quake2 levels, with little innovation. The lighting is fairly basic and the monster layout is a little difficult at first, but anyone who has played the first few units of Quake2 should do fine. The only problems I had with this level were the fact that it was a little too simple, and that there were not enough powerups! Overall it is a decent level, worth the couple of minutes to download and play.

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