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Path: /partial_conversions/painkeep/
Filename: pk11full.zip
Txtname: pk11read.txt 
Size: 14000 kb
Downloads: 7948


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  Rating: 4.5 out of 5


What can I say about Painkeep besides that is sickening! The sheer enjoyability of this deathmatch mod is insane, even with no more than four people. Nearly half a dozen new weapons (including the ever-so-popular auto-sentry), new models, special effects, and 20+ levels made specifically for Painkeep's style of play all combine to create disgustingly addictive gameplay. This DeathMatch-only mission-pack delivers non-stop, giblet-spewing, frag-fests consistently from 4 to 32 players.

As far as I can tell, there are no negative points to this incredible Quake conversion outside to the occasional insanity any deathmatch can create. This is definitely worth the time it takes to download, although be prepared to look hard for net servers, because for some reason admins out there have overlooked this fine piece of work. Hats off to Team Evolve, I hope to see even more in the future...

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