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Path: /partial_conversions/
Filename: tdk11.zip
Txtname: tdk11.txt 
Size: 6700 kb
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  Rating: 4 out of 5


The Demon King (TDK for short) is one of the better partial conversions for regular Quake compared to the numerous half-finished projects floating around. Excellent level design, along with the introduction of a 'non-linear world' manages to turn the traditional frag-fest so prevalent throughout all Quake mods into something with a little more purpose. Instead of beating one level and then moving on to the next (boring) one, TDK gives the player a 'quest' in which strafe-fighting with an Ogre is not necessary. TDK creates what I thought was an interesting plot that kept me playing the whole scenario, where as I never bothered to finish the 4 episodes of regular Quake.

The main problem that I had with TDK is the difficulty level (i.e. the number of creatures). Since there is no skill-level selection built into the levels, be prepared to type 'skill 0' in the console and restart a couple of times, because Team TDK level designers went just a tad overboard on the shear number of monsters. Another minor problem is the fact that some parts of the 'world' (especially the church) are very large and detailed, causing considerable slowdown on my Pentium 166. Overall though TDK was a very enjoyable break from getting rocked in deathmatch mods, and gave a little more purpose to single-player Quake.

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