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Path: /quake2/levels/d-f/
Filename: eq2_sp1.zip
Txtname: eq2_sp1.txt 
Size: 459 kb
Downloads: 6135


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  Rating: 4.5 out of 5


This is one of the first custom Quake 2 levels that I've played. I thought it would be just another 20 or so rooms full of monsters to blow away like many of the quake(1) levels out there. But no, there was more to it than just that.

The level starts out in a small room where you pick up some granades and a shotgun. The room looks as if there's been some action broken bits rubble that sort of thing looks nice. Next the level takes you into a small complex of shafts and into larger rooms taking out a couple monsters on the way. Then off to another room were a flick of a swich opens the door in the previous room which leads to some kinda machine where you leave a detanata then it's time leave much to the diskike of of a few more bad guys.

Overall the level seems to be well thought out. It's imperative that you conserve ammo as there is not much and plenty of bad guys. This level is for people who are looking for a challenge that's fairly hard.

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