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Path: /levels/d-f/
Filename: decree.zip
Txtname: decree.txt 
Size: 555 kb
Downloads: 6292


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  Rating: 3.5 out of 5


When I first began this level I was surprised to see a mega-health and armor in front of me. I immediately assumed that this level wasn't going to be easy. The fiend that attacked me shortly after proved I was right. This level is fairly large and well put together. The author seemed to slack off a little in design about half way through the map. The detail in architecture becomes less and less the further along you go. The motif is also constantly changing. It switches from a metal look, to a church, to underground dungeons, to a large outside arena.

The tricks are very nice. I was surprised to notice that there was usually a way out of some situations. Basically, he designed ways to avoid some hard jumps or some particularly nasty monsters. They may be hard to find, but can save you some trouble.

Good balance of monsters and items.

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