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Path: /levels/g-i/
Filename: icbm.zip
Txtname: icbm.txt 
Size: 644 kb
Downloads: 5516


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  Rating: 4 out of 5


This level is worth the download. When reading the text file, I noticed the author had a long list of prior work under his belt, so I downloaded this in hopes I would get something great. Indeed I did.

The architecture is original, very well designed, and fun to "watch". This author had the most interesting doors, lifts, teleporters and switches than almost any map I've seen up to date. The motif has a constant base-level feel although at some places it looks as if the author just picked a texture and threw it on. In the text file, it states that this level was created just to take a break from his current projects, so I don't expect it to be perfect.

The enemies were well placed and the ammo is plenty (a little too much actually). This map is definately worth a look. I probably would have completed it sooner than 18 minutes, but I spent alot of time playing with the lifts and doors, just to watch them work :) Small things... eh?

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