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Path: /levels/v-z/
Filename: well.zip
Txtname: well.txt 
Size: 637 kb
Downloads: 5821


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  Rating: 3.5 out of 5


Here is a level that has it's ups and downs. First of all, this level is very monster intensive. At one time I found myself fighting over 15 Knights at the same time! On another part, I had to face a host of Quakes toughest monsters while trying to maintain my balance on a small bridge and not fall into the lava. Although there are alot of baddies, there is plenty of ammo and power-ups too.

The arcitecture isn't anything spectacular, but there are parts that may catch your eye. One of the main things I didn't really enjoy was that I had no warning when a trap was about to spring and no real chance to escape it once it once I was trapped in it.

The level does have it's good points or I wouldn't recommend it. Some things that happen just take you by surprise, without killing you, and even make you laugh a bit (you'll see what I mean). Overall, an above average level.

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