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Path: /levels/p-r/
Filename: royalwar.zip
Txtname: royalwar.txt 
Size: 448 kb
Downloads: 5818


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  Rating: 3.5 out of 5


This level is a little unique from others in that it includes a small difficulty setting level prior to entering the main map. Nothing fancy here, but a nice touch.

The level itself, upon first inspection appears to be rather blocky. All the rooms save a few are perfect squares and the architecture is nothing amazing to look at. However, the feel of the level is consistant and the challenge rough. I played this map on normal difficulty and found myself fighting against some pretty tough odds.

Overall, this level is a little above average. There are no shortcuts (unless you want to rocket jump all over the place), and the level leads you down a pre-determined path. Good balance of ammunition for the amount of monsters.

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