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How to: Unreal Cheats

The following cheats can be used in Unreal's console (pull the console down, and type the command in):

  • AllAmmo - gives full ammo.
  • Amphibious - unlimited air supply (for swimming under water).
  • summon [item] - gives one of the following:
    • dispersionpistol
    • automag
    • stinger
    • asmd
    • eightball
    • flakcannon
    • razorjack
    • gesbiorifle
    • rifle
    • minigun

    • superhealth
    • health
    • scubagear
    • shieldbelt
    • translator
    • voicebox
    • quadshot
    • peacemaker
    • amplifier
    • dampener
    • flare
    • flashlight
    • forcefield
    • invisibility
    • jumpboots
  • Fly - let's you fly.
  • Ghost - let's you walk through walls and fly.
  • God - makes you invulnerable.
  • Invisible [0/1] - makes you invisible to everyone.
  • Open [mapname] - jumps to another level.

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