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How to: View Recorded Demos

  1. Download the file, save it to your hard drive.
  2. Unzip .dem file from the file you just downloaded to id1 directory in your Quake folder, for example:
    • You have something.zip, which includes something.txt and something.dem in it.
    • Put something.dem to /quake/id1/, so you have:
    • You should also put something.txt file in the same directory so it's easier to identify the map later on.
  3. Start Quake, pull down console (by pressing "~" key) and type:
    playdemo something
  4. You should read included text file (something.txt in our example) for any specific instructions, suggestions or notes.

    Note: we recommend using WinZip to unzip files. It allows you to easily drag and drop files from zip files.

Please note: almost all files are provided by 3-rd parties who are not affiliated with Absolute Quake Files Archive or Gameaholic dot Com. We cannot provide any support, warranty or help with these files. Please address any issues to individual authors. More Legal Information.